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Frequently Asked Questions

Van rental can be without driver, but the person who is going to drive the vehicle must have the appropriate driver's license to drive this type of vehicle and the course of collective passenger transport, as the Brazilian traffic laws determine. If the client doesn’t have these requirements, he or she can rent the van and hire a driver indicated by transfer to drive the vehicle. Minibuses and Buses can only be rented WITH the company’s driver.
Rental without a driver has a fixed daily price and the costs with fuel, tolls and others are client’s responsibility. On rentals with driver, the amount is not fixed. It is calculated according to the period of vehicle usage and mileage.
Driver, fuel, all the tolls and insurance coverage to all the passengers.
In a transfer, the vehicle goes from an origin point to a destination point, with pre-arranged time and, when the route is done, the vehicle leaves. When you hire a vehicle at your disposal, it remains at your disposal for a determined period of hours and agreed mileage, and you can make as many trips as you need.
When you hire a vehicle with driver for an overnight trip away from home, it is your responsibility to provide individual accommodation and food to him. But if you don’t know where to find accommodation, or don’t want to worry about it, transfer can make the arrangements and include the costs in the final value of your trip.
If there are costs of parking, they are client’s responsibility.
Individual client can pay via deposit, bank transfer or credit card (visa or MasterCard) always in advance. Legal entity, if having approved registration, can pay within 10 days after the end of the lease. When it is the first rental, it is necessary to pay 50% in advance and the rest in 10 days.
No. For security reasons, none of our drivers are authorized to receive client’s payment. The payment must be treated with our office.
transfer is a reputable company with more than 10 years on the market which assures you that your booking will be honored. Besides that, all our booking are confirmed in writing, generating a reservation code in our system and all our clients have an emergency phone number that works 24 hour a day.
In any problems, the vehicle is replaced by a different one. We have a fleet and a broad network partners to solve any unexpected problem.
When the trip is by bus or minibus, it is necessary to provide up to 48 hours in advance a list with complete name of passengers, ID and issuing agency.
For security reasons, it is prohibited to drink inside our vehicles.
Smoking inside our cars is prohibited according to Brazilian law number 13.541, of May 7, 2009.
The amount charged is based on the period of contracted hours. If the contractor exceeds it, he or she must pay overtime.
It is not allowed to carry passenger beyond the vehicle’s capacity. If the group is bigger, you have to hire a second vehicle or hire a bigger one, where everyone fits.
Until the age of 3 in vans, or until the age of 5 traveling in buses or minibuses.
All drivers are contracted employees. They are constantly trained and all of them are highly qualified professionals.
The vans and minibuses have a medium trunk because they are designed to be used within the city or short trips. The van has 15 seats, if all the passengers have baggage, it may take only 11 people + 1 medium sized suitcase per person. The minibus has 26 seats, but holds up to 18 people with a medium sized suitcase each. The bus is a vehicle designed to long trips, so it has a bigger trunk and can hold the baggage of 46 people.
The ideal is to confirm your booking a week in advance of the day of service, with this you get availability. If you couldn’t plan your rental in advance, you still can make a reservation, but you are subjected of availability of the vehicle at the time of your booking.
Yes, since your animal is small and is properly accommodated in its cage. It is allowed to carry up to 3 small animals.
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